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and relationships

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leads to vulnerability

People with disabilities are often denied care by their own caregivers
them more vulnerable"
"Soft Horizons Support Services
helping making it easier

for the people
with disabilities to enjoy
recreational activities safely"
people with
IT skills

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Welcome to Soft Horizons Support Services, a reliable helping hand!
Do you know? you may be entitled to a big discount on various services we offer, terms and conditions apply!

At Soft Horizons Support Services (SHSS), we take pride in who we are and provide best possible and unique services an individual requires. We are a company with wealth of technical experience and interpersonal skills.

Our flexible approach adapts to meet each individual’s needs, capabilities and choices across a wide range services focusing primarily on disabled users. Services including private care, non-medical personal assistance, typing support, scanning and photocopying, pick and drop, IT training(For all kinds of people with discounts available for the students and people with disabilities), software development, hardware/software support, purchase/arrangement of mobility equipment.

We work to increase the quality of life and happiness of every person. We believe every person with disabilities should enjoy same opportunities a normal person enjoys. We also understand that everyone is different, with different needs and abilities. So we get to know each person really well, designing practical innovations that enable personal choices, improve life skills and strengthen connections with family and community.



Services for Disabled People

Variety of support services to the students in Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas

Software Development

SHSS offers an extensive variety of Web Design and Development services >>> more

Mobility Equipment

If you have limited mobility and need help moving around your home or getting out and about? >>>more 

IT Training & Support

Help people in training and support of latest Information Technology areas >>>more